Creativity in the Everyday

In order to understand the motivations of vigilantes, it is important to understand human behavior in the light of stress. In essence, the instinct to “fight back” is an ancient response mediated by the fight-or flight nervous system. Vigilante-ism arises when large swaths of the population are under some sort of stress, whether it is social or of chemical origen. Fighting back is a natural social biological response to stress whose function spans across many species. 

One thing to keep in mind while fostering creativity is proper stress management through Vipassana (or mindfulness) meditation. The relationship between stress and creativity is an inverted “U” shape, as small amount of stress allows us to focus on the “here and now” and permits our frontal lobe (our primary stress response organ) to come up with novel solutions to problems.

However, as cortisol rises with persistent stress, the body goes into an energy conservation mode and shuts down many functions of the frontal lobes, thus not only killing creativity, but also making us vulnerable to stress-related disease and disability by not allowing us to pay proper attention to the environment. You see, all human behavior must be viewed though the light of adaptation and stress in order to make sense of seemingly senseless behaviors.