Amazing Facts About the Human Body

A very interesting new development in the understanding of the human body is how we view the stress response. Although most people do not know this, the body’s tissues assumes a more jelly-like plastic state when under a demand from the environment to adapt. Abuse or overuse of this biological mechanism results in the development of all diseases that befall mankind

Stress is actually the rate of adjustment we undergo in order to adapt to a particular environment we for which happen to find ourselves. So there are actually two parts to the stress response: You and the environment. These factors are intertwined and cannot be teased apart.

Sugar is a potent chemical stressor, in that exposure to high amounts elicits an aggressive cascade of adrenal reactions. Like any potent stressor such as smoking, exposure to pesticides, pollution, or even emotional turmoil, the tissues under such strain enter their fatigue states rapidly, which at the minimum results in dysfunction, and in the worst case, outright tissue death. This is the reason why consuming the amount of sugar we do is such a public health concern.