Stress is the most important topic of the 21st Century

Unmanaged, preventable stress is one of the most socially, politically, and economically destabilizing problems plaguing modernized society. There has been a parabolic spike in stress related illness, disability, and early death in recent decades and presently, there have been no preventative public health campaigns implemented (as there was with smoking or HIV prevention). As a scientist, my view is that effective stress management is the most important thing we can do to prevent a very grim and bankrupt future for our culture.

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On the other hand, science has shown us that effective stress management that reduces this risk is very “doable” for folks coming from all social backgrounds. We must really commit to heart the fact that stressors are ADDITIVE. The more individual stressors we have on our plate, the higher the risk of experiencing stress-related illness and the various social and economic problems that come with being overly stressed.

Furthermore, uncontrolled stress is EXPENSIVE, as costs tend to rise greatly in many ways when a person is under stress. This is also very problematic in the workplace and for overall business and institutional viability. Unmanaged stress results in massive economic and social instability.

So the key to stress management is to first identify and itemize your individual stressors—and then remove them from your life one-by-one. As discussed above, stressors are additive, and in order to manage them, you must identify them.

I want to invite you to beta test a new assessment system called the Comprehensive Life Stress Inventory and Risk Assessment. How stressed are you? This effort reflects is the first attempt to compile an actual comprehensive online human life “stress test”. We very much need beta testers to help me work out the bugs in this important project.

So essentially, this is a risk assessment tool that evaluates the stressors in your life. This is the first survey created that actually inventories your life’s stressors and then assigns a risk (of stress-related illness, disability, and early death). But the really neat thing is that you receive a summary of your responses as well as a basic evaluation of your results.

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The study of stress and adaptation is probably the most complicated and fascinating field in science. After more than a hundred years of study. most scientists are still mystified by the mechanisms of human adaptation, which is really what stress is all about. I wanted to change this and tell my readers about the fascinating science behind the stress response. I examine one of science’s burning issues – the epidemic of stress related diseases, disability, and early death currently ravaging the Western world. Preventable stress is devastating our health and destabilizing our communities.

The Impact of the Human Stress Response is a humanitarian work intended to educate the public worldwide about the true causes and costs of preventable human stress.This book is of great importance to the general public. It will transform many, many lives.


Let me go into more detail. What exactly is “stress“? And what gives it the potential to cause so much damage? In a groundbreaking account twenty years in the making, I explain the root causes of modern stress, and how it harms our bodies, as well as our communities.

In the book I also explain:

  • The root causes of stress and learn how to manage it effectively
  • Why the stress response is essential for helping one adapt to one’s environment
  • The fascinating biology of human stress
  • The 5 major causes of stress in modernized society
  • How to protect your health – learn how to avoid over-loading one body’s stress response

But what exactly is “stress”? And what gives it the potential to cause so much damage? In a groundbreaking account twenty years in the making, researcher and biologist, Dr. Wingo explains the root causes of preventable modern stress, and how it harms our bodies, as well as our communities.

  • Understand the root causes of stress in life and learn how you can manage it effectively 
  • Find out why the stress response is essential for helping you adapt to your environment 
  • Protect your health – learn how to avoid over-loading your body’s stress response 

Sharing astonishing insights into the way we cope with everything from excessive multitasking to social unrest, she tells a fascinating story of how humans alter their physical states and how our bodies literally open or close their biological borders with the environment to help us adapt in life. Using simple, everyday language, she vividly illustrates our current understanding of how the stress response works, and presents a how-to manual of science-based effective stress management. If you’ve ever wondered how you adapt to your environment and why constant exposure to stress is dangerous – this is a book you must read.

With millions of lives lost and trillions of dollars wasted every year, my goal is to educate and empower billions of people about preventable stress and human biology. I go over my reasons for writing this book here on this video: