Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Actually, all self-defeating behaviors are a response to stress. What make a bad habit “bad” is that it usually involves an element of dissociation, This happens when the present moment is too unbearable; and as a result we dissociate and fall into the self-soothing (yet self-destructive) habits like clockwork. 

Of course, stress management is the key to all of this, as when we are less stressed, we tend to be less compelled to engage in bad habits.

1. A heart healthy lifestyle is primarily one that employs aggressive stress management techniques. 

2. As far as diet, it is simple—just eliminate as many processed food products as possible. No need to eliminate butter and eggs.

3. Relational stress is the most damaging stressor we as human experience. Only cultivate relationships that form ample social capital. Eliminate the rest, as those are toxic by default and can exacerbate heart disease greatly.