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Mary Wingo in Cuenca, Ecuador

My name is Mary Wingo, and I am a scientist/business person living in Ecuador. I am originally from the United States, though I must say I always felt out of place when I lived there. Ecuador is the home I have always looked for.

I have my Ph.D. from University of North Texas in physiology, specifically human stress research. This field of study deeply challenged me to fully understand human adaptation and its mechanisms requires diving in deep at all levels of biology, ecology, psychology, sociology, as well as economics and politics.

When exploring my studies of how a human is stressed and faces demands for adaptation, I had to understand what was going on at the genomic and resultant protein synthesis levels. I also had to integrate these concepts into cellular, tissue, and organ functioning. Then there was exploring the nervous system, endocrine system, and immune system’s responses and interactions to the stressor and to each other.

After doing many years of research on a purely biological level, I needed to explore the psychological aspects of the stress response, since it is implicated heavily for higher mammals, especially for humans. Then there was looking is the social part of stress, which is possibly the most intense and potentially destructive stressor we humans endure. Of course, there are massive political and economic consequences when we multiply the unmitigated human stress by billions of people, as well as environmental ones.

As you can see, the study of the adaptive response may be the most complicated and disorganized field in science. Though there are brilliant clinicians and researchers who have added mind blowing insights to the field,  the sheer complexity of exploring the mechanisms of the human adaptive response in its full context is almost too much for a single human mind to wrap itself around.

My attempt is to simplify and to introduce this topic to the general public, as well as to other thought leaders, in a way they can truly understand and make actionable choices. This is surely complex, but it is possibly  one of the most fascinating topics in science, due to it’s far reaching consequences.

Enjoy. This is going to be a fun ride.

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  1. Hello, Dr. Wingo, I discovered you by hearing you on the Sharon Kleyne radio program, and I am fascinated by you and your work. I am simply connecting here to tell you so, and to express my hope that we may connect more deeply sometime. I want to read your book and continue to root around on your site. Meanwhile, I wish you blessings and joy and continued beneficial discoveries. –Robert

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